FMCG Products

Opportunities for FMCG companies in the UAE

Environmental Awareness: Consumers are more environmentally aware in today’s world, so they are opting for antibiotic-free or organic products that have been packaged in plastic-free containers.

Experience: Over the last few years, several studies have shown that customers are more interested in experiences than products. So, FMCG companies are trying to create experiences around their products and investing in digital spaces to drive personalized communication on social media platforms. Technology has also played a huge role in opening this tunnel of new opportunities, so companies are trying to stay ahead of the game by incorporating technological innovations, like VR, AR, and AI to find the competitive edge they are looking for. They are coming up with new ways of interacting with their customers, improving their overall experience, and encouraging interactions. So, analysing consumer data available to you has become incredibly important to understand what are their exact preferences or likes.

The last few years, including 2020, have brought in various challenges in the FMCG industry in the UAE.There have been some consumer behavioural shifts that are shaping the FMCG industry in the UAE and exposing FMCG brands to a new tunnel of opportunities. The FMCG companies in the UAE, like Al Maya Trading, and we, at Al Maya Distribution, know how important it has become for us to enhance the size of our workforce and our investments in warehousing spaces and distribution centres. This has become possible due to the increased demand for packaged, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and cosmetics, as a result of which, production has increased.