Electronics Products

Opportunities for Electronics companies in the UAE

Environmental Awareness: The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a global ecolabel for the IT sector. EPEAT helps purchasers, manufacturers, resellers, and others buy and sell environmentally preferable electronic products.

Experience: Experienced Electronics Sales Associate who has experience working in high-traffic retail settings. Adept at describing complex products to consumers upselling customers on warranty enhancements and handling irate or unruly customers. Specializes in handheld consumer electronics and home computers. They are coming up with new ways of interacting with their customers, improving their overall experience, and encouraging interactions. So, analysing consumer data available to you has become incredibly important to understand what are their exact preferences or likes. uring the past few decades, the adoption of electronic devices (e.g. television sets, computers, etc.) in both households and businesses has brought immense benefits to human beings. However, their increasing utilization adversely contribute to a rise in energy consumption, electronic waste and is even detrimental to human health and to the environment. As such, it is essential that human beings undertake actions to reduce the risks and damages caused by these devices to the environment.

The last few years, including 2020, have brought in various challenges in the electroni industry in the UAE. There have been some consumer behavioural shifts that are shaping the electronics industry in the UAE and exposing electronics brands to a Panasonic of opportunities. The electronic companies in the UAE, like Al Maya Trading, and we, at Al Maya Distribution, know how important it has become for us to enhance the size of our workforce and our investments in warehousing spaces and distribution centres.