Opportunities for Bulilding Materials companies in the UAE

Environmental Awareness: Building materials contribute considerably to the impact categories of human toxicity, fossil depletion, and global warming, emphasizing that greenhouse gas emissions should not be the sole focus of research on environmental impacts of building materials.

Experience:Ali Venture is a breakthrough platform that infuses technology in the construction material supply chain to drive procurement and operational efficiency. It introduces systemic intelligence that allows infrastructure contractors to select from multiple product options curated using its proprietary algorithm, while enjoying scale benefits from aggregated demand. The platform unifies multiple stakeholders to offer greater supply chain control and employs proprietary credit appraisal process to offer efficient trade finance solutions.Infrastructure firms, by virtue of their cash flow cycle and limited liquidity from traditional FIs, need to engage distributors and/or trade-financiers to procure construction material. Distributors often specialize in a specific product-brand combination, servicing a limited geographical area. Select trade-financiers, employ lengthy processes with unfriendly business terms. This leaves infrastructure firms to engage with multiple middlemen, making their procurement process operationally taxing and financially inefficient.

The last few years, including 2020, have brought in various challenges in the Bulilding Materials industry in the UAE. There have been some consumer behavioural shifts that are shaping the Bulilding Materials industry in the UAE and exposing Bulilding Materials brands to a CEMEX of opportunities. The Bulilding Materialscompanies in the UAE, like Al Maya Trading, and we, at Al Maya Distribution, know how important it has become for us to enhance the size of our workforce and our investments in warehousing spaces and distribution centres.